Ian Moss, ‘Ian Moss’ review

Ian Moss’s new album features a song called Broadway. A slow-burning gem about missing a loved one while on tour, it’s an instant classic, as good as anything Moss has ever done. “The years fall away so quickly now,” he sings. “I’ve all the fortune and the fame. Oh, but I’d leave it all to yesterday just to be with you again.”

Moss addresses the passing of time on this album (his first in nine years) and co-wrote every song aside from the poignant My Suffering, written by his Chisel bandmate Steve Prestwich, who died in 2011. Other highlights include Down Along The Track, which sounds like a sequel to Bow River; I’m Not Your Only Man, which starts out tough but then features the album’s sweetest melody; and opening track If Another Day, which you know is an Ian Moss song as soon as you hear the first chord. Moss might not be prolific – since Chisel’s Last Stand, Jimmy Barnes has released 16 studio albums; this is Moss’s seventh – and you won’t see him popping up on TV talk shows. He prefers to let his music do the talking, and when it’s this good, you won’t hear any complaints. This is his finest solo album.

Ian Moss is out now via Liberation.

Article published by STACK magazine.